American Culture: History and Society
Survey of Anglophone Literatures: Focus America
History of American Film
Introduction to Film Studies
Anglophone Cultures in Context (with René Schalleger)
Contested Nature: Film and Ecological Conflict (with Patrick Kupper)


Postmodern American Fiction
Muslim American Fictions
The American Screwball Comedy
American Film Noir
American Food Cultures
American Women Writers
Apocalypse Now? American Climate Change Cinema
Innocents Abroad: American Expatriate Writers
Utopia and Dystopia in American Culture
American Border Fictions
How Literature and Film Make Us Feel
Asian American Literature
American Ecocinema
The Storyworlds of Toni Morrison
The Storyworlds of Henry James
American Writers in Paris, 1920-1960
Screening Resistance: Film and Postcolonial Ecological Conflict
Adaptation: From Literature to Film
Native American Fiction(s)
Cosmopolitanism in American Literature and Culture
The Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age
Fictions of the (Im)possible: Utopia and Dystopia
Ecologies of Disaster: Un-Natural Catastrophes in American History, Culture, and Film (with Christof Mauch)


American History through Film
American Culture and the Environment
Black Women Writers in the USA
Native American Fiction
The Postmodern American Novel
Contemporary American Film and the Environmental Crisis
Multi-Ethnic American Women Writers
19th-Century African American Literature: from Douglass to Chesnutt
Environmental Renaissance: American Romanticism and Ecology
African American Literature
Literary and Cultural Theory
Consumerism versus Ecology: American Culture in the 21st Century